IoA © 2015

I walk inside and I feel light, so light that my feet barely touch the ground almost floating. Everything is structured as if with regular metal cold plates that have the softness of the bleached black leather. I touch the wall on my right side and it stretches a bit, everything is moving but not chaotically, as if it has its own rhythm as if it’s breathing, but still rigid in a way. Feels like metal but it isn’t. I continue to walk down but suddenly some strange force catches me and I am slowly floating vertically into another space.


Get some foam, glue it together. 
Find some tape, plastic or leather. 
Put it all in a frame.
 Add some lights, give it a name. 
Wait wait wait, check the clearance. 
Looks good, lets call it Constructive Interference

Enter where it glows and its tall...

eat a mushroom, shrink real small.

The lights go out as you climb down...

SHHHHH! can you hear that sound??

Is there something burred in the wall?

oh, pretty; a floating ball